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JTAA Lax Alum Matt Myers Shines at 2015 IL SE Invitational
by posted 11/10/2014

After a morning of practice to get used to playing alongside their teammates, more than 200 players divided into 13 teams took to the field Saturday November 1st in the Lake Point Sports Complex in Emerson, Ga., in front of dozens of college coaches, including DI programs Virginia, Michigan, Furman, Providence, Wagner and more.  


LSM/D Matthew Myers (Jupiter, Fla.) "Really good when the ball’s on the ground; saw him goose the ball out of traffic and be consistent on one-time groundballs in space."

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What Does It Take to Be Great? Tips from 35 Team USA Stars
by posted 11/04/2014

What Does It Take To Be Great?

Tips from 35 Team USA Stars

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Healthy Post Play Snacks for JTAA Athletes
by JTAA Lacrosse posted 10/20/2013

Healthy Post Play Snacks for JTAA Athletes
The Facts About Childhood Health

Direct Link to this full size flyer is at http://i.imgur.com/et47mAE.jpg​

Direct Link to this full size flyer is at http://i.imgur.com/ocuxVi3.jpg


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Let's Help to Bench Concussions this Season
posted 09/25/2013

Concussion Awareness Information

From US Lacrosse:

For up to date information on concussions, please visit


This comprehensive information includes articles and videos and is provided by US Lacrosse.

Heads Up Concussion Facts for Coaches by US Lacrosse (4 page document)

From NAYS:

With all the news about concussions in sports, it's evident that concussions don't discriminate against the sport or the level of play. A youth player can suffer from a concussion just as a professional athlete can, so here are some ways you can help protect your athletes this season:

Make sure that athletes wear the right type of protective gear for their activity. Check that the gear fits your player properly and that it is maintained. Also, stress to your players the importance of wearing their gear consistently and correctly.

Teach athletes and parents that it is not ok to play with a concussion, or any other type of injury. Explain that playing through an injury doesn’t show strength, but instead can further harm the youngster and make their injury worse.

If you suspect that a player is suffering from an injury, take them out of the game immediately and direct them to medical attention.

Teach players safe playing techniques and appropriate rules. Check out the Skills and Drills section of your NYSCA Member Area, or the Coaching for Dummies books by the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS).

Take the NAYS Concussion Training.  It's offered for free to NYSCA coaches and is easily added to your membership online. This training builds upon the information covered in the NYSCA Coaching Youth Sports clinic, delving further into the topic of head injuries and prevention. Also, if your league requires you to obtain concussion training, you will be able to print a certificate to show your league that you have completed concussion training through NAYS. (Learn more)


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Send us Photos and Videos of your JTAA Player!
by MichaelMyers posted 09/22/2013

We will gladly add your photos, videos, and news articles of your games, practices, or of anything related to JTAA Lacrosse (past or present) to our Photos and Videos Page.

For more information, please visit:


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