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2017 All-Star Program




Each SFYLL program will optionally provide a new “All-Star” track that is held concurrent with the spring recreation season. Practices and games are not to conflict with the current recreation season or the summer travel programs. The 2015 program will include U11, U13 and U15 boys and girls, as long as a program has at least 2 teams in the division. The goal will be to provide high-level, competitive games between the best of each program with the goal of crowning a league champion. We are a rec program first and foremost, and JTAA Lacrosse decides each season if there is a valid reason to participate in the All-Star Program but is not guaranteed that we will. 



Each recreation program may select teams either through tryouts or a fair selection process. Player rosters must be submitted to the league for each All-star team no later than the Wednesday prior to the first tournament day. Practices and games are not to conflict with rec program practices or games. All-star tournament dates will be Sunday, April 16th for the preliminary rounds and Sunday, May 7th for championships and consolation games.



-      All-star teams would be selected of 16-23 players

-      Teams are limited to 5 team events (practices and/or games against other SFYLL All-Star teams) in March and April

-      Players MUST participate in that program’s regular recreation league practices and games to participate in the All-Star program. 

-      No All-Star only players. 

-      Players are only allowed to participate with the program with which they are registered.

-      Players or coaches are not allowed to jump programs for all-star purposes. 

-      Recruiting of players is not allowed.

-      League game play rules apply

-      Players can play up 1 grade if no team exists in their age group


TOURNAMENT - The season will culminate with an All-Star tournament designed to crown a champion in each division. All-star contests played during the season will be for fun and practice only and will not count towards tournament seeding. The tournament will be played on Sunday, April 19th (preliminary rounds) and Sunday, May 3rd (championship and consolations). The actual format will be determined by how many programs participate. A central location will be targeted or possible regional events will be used for the preliminary round. The finals will be at a central location to be determined.


COST: There will be a fee charged for the tournament approximating $400.  The actual fee will be set by the SFYLL once costs are determined. The costs of the All-star program can be covered by the selected players, the host rec program or via sponsorship.