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April 23, 2017


JTAA Lacrosse Family and Friends,

Well another year is in the books and this was the biggest ever. See hundreds of pics from yesterday's events at https://goo.gl/photos/qaZeV6E36HCLozYL7

It was a great day of youth rec lacrosse at JCP and a fun way to end the season. New friendships made, kids learning how to win and lose graciously, playing and coaching with respect and class, and an overall sense of a true lacrosse community coming together for the good and growth of the game we all love.

Big plans and growth coming for next season. Stay tuned. Continue to follow this Facebook page, our website, and all of our social media for news and upcoming events.

Thanks to all who helped make this season a fun one for the kids. Kids, thank your parents and loved ones for making it possible for you to play the game you love. Show your appreciation by continuing to work hard in the classroom, doing your homework without being asked, and say yes with enthusiasm when mom or dad asks you to do something to help them around the house.

We hope everyone had a good time this season. Have a fun summer!

JTAA Lacrosse
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