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Submission Instructions:

We will gladly add your photos and videos of your games, practices, or of anything related to JTAA Lacrosse to our Photos and Videos Page and our Facebook page.

Photos: Please email all photos for submission to the photo page to
Please provide the date and game of the photo, team year and team name, the player's name (optional), location, and any other information you want to include about the photo. If you are emailing more than one photo, we will put them all in one new album. Please provide the album name and date the photos were taken. An example of supporting text in your email is : 2017 U9 Blue Team Paul Rabil at JCP 3/10/17. If you email a photo with no supporting information, we will add the photo with no supporting text.

You can also email us a URL to other pages you have with photos and videos. Please provide the URL and a brief description and we will add that URL as a posting to the page. It must be a public URL that does not require a username and password to view. The URL must be a direct link to photos or albums or a URL to a valid article or page directly relating to a JTAA Lacrosse event.

If you have a personal 
Google Plus or Facebook page and your photos or photo albums are located there, you can share it to us. Add us to your circles and share, or share to our email address at 

Videos: We will include videos as well as long as they are related to JTAA Lacrosse. You can email us the YouTube URL or a valid video URL to our email address at

The direct URL to the JTAA Lacrosse Photos and Videos Page is located at www.google.com/+JTAALacrosse or click the image above.

The photos and videos must be related to JTAA Lacrosse. We will review all submissions to make sure they are appropriate for all viewing audiences.